THE ARTIST - isabelle Malboeuf

        Isabelle is a passionate photographer whose natural, luminous and artistic style has become her trademark. She prefers a spontaneous journalistic approach to photography and takes great pride in taking extra care of her clients and her relationship with the subjects.

Her 20 years of experience in communication is a unique advantage for her corporate clients since she provides a deep understanding of visual concepts as well as global communication strategies.

What really rocks her world? Making women beautiful! On that subject she adds “all women are beautiful if they give themselves the chance to let an expert transform them into the beautiful woman that is hiding deep into her mind.“

It is after studying in art history, cinema and public relations that she follows a career in communication and marketing  getting involved, amongst other things, in every step of creative projects management. Being surrounded by graphic designers and photographers, it was just a question of time before she gives in to her creative and artistic side.

After finishing a diploma in photography at Concordia University, she goes back to her roots and takes a happy turn into the world of photography, providing her clients with a unique and winning combination: Visual artistic strategy!

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